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Hope in the midst of a crisis

Hope in the midst of a crisis

Hope is to desire something with confident expectation of its fulfillment. Lately, have you been feeling hopeless? Especially during this pandemic? Is the news more depressing than ever and your own personal demons you were facing heightened even more? What to do in the midst of a crisis? It has been recommended by many individuals that it is the best time to start a new or continue a hobby, brush up on some new educational skills, read a book, get yourself active as our minds being dormant will occupy the news. It is not that we are dismissing the news or living in a dream world or trying to escape it. However, we are trying to cope with it and as a result it is a time for introspection of self, goals, desire, faith and spirituality and even marriage.

What to do, where to go and who to run too? Some of us have friends, family, neighbours others a peer group, club, youth group or church. For those who have neither and are suffering the most in silence, are wondering when this pandemic is going to be over. Normalcy as we know it to be in the world you were in, I believe will not be as before. Our behavior, attitudes, perception has been transformed for either better or worse depending on individualistic views. Personally, my spirituality increased even more, I read my bible more, prayed more, got deeper in the lord. I had time, no excuses and finally was able to hibernate and introspect to gain a new perspective and a balanced view. After the Pandemic I will still do the above.

During and after the crisis

It is time you evaluate your life and options to be prepared for a pandemic in your personal life or what you are going through. You never saw it in that way? What changes will you make to be a better human being to yourself and those around you? What steps will you now take to achieve those goals that you have been putting off, claiming you had no time, no drive, no passion and it was impossible for you? If anything, this pandemic forced us to address our issues and to be balanced. Some still had to work, be a parent and to cope under unbearable strain. And for those who are struggling it is not too late to go out a bit more. Visit the museum or the library once in a while. Take a walk and admire nature a bit. Take care of mother earth. Join a youth group. Be an advocate. Take someone out for dinner, probably friendly or even as a date, who knows? Go to the park sometime and read a book or take some pictures. Take a leap of faith in your fate as you can do something that is life changing for you and someone else. Possibly career changing too. As earlier stated above, there is nothing else we can depend on than hope. As for me, hope in the lord. As Hope is to desire something with confident expectation of its fulfillment.


Be hopeful Antonia Valaire

Antonia Valaire
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