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Lookout 'The anticipation grows'

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Wakanda One has revealed May 1, 2020 as the release date for their newest single, Lookout [exclusively on]. Members of the group, Cole Hunt and MC Sho were recently asked about their collaboration. “Lookout is a song that was produced completely by Cole and I”, Sho stated while nodding to its rhythmic beat. Their first release of 2020, YBV, was also self produced. It all came together organically according to Cole. After experimenting with some 808 sounds he came up with the beat and melody for the song. “I recorded a few freestyles and came up with the chorus “One day, imma make my momma proud”, from there everything fell in to place", said Cole. After that, he shared the song with Sho, who came up with a verse and harmonies. We really wanted to hone in on the Wakanda One sound with this one”, Sho added.

Cole (Left) and Sho (Right)
Cole Hunt (Left) and MC Sho (Right) are members of the Soul Fusion group Wakanda One.

Lookout details the suspense and uncertainty of life while on the path to actualization. While these sentiments are conveyed in this song, so are resilience, self reflection, and determination. Lookout is introspection to a fantastic funky beat. The anticipation grows as May 1st approaches. Subscribe to for notifications about new music and more.

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