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Peace Rally Attracts Thousands To Omaha’s Mecca

Yesterday at the Malcolm X Center, thousands of allies raised collective spirits in peace. 

It has been a tumultuous few months not only for American citizens but world citizens. Local communities across the United States have been engulfed in chaos, particularly for the past week. The recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless other lives at the hand of vigilantes, predators and police have boiled the consciousness of the people near the point of rage. In the midst of this, organizers in Omaha, Nebraska collected their energies to host a peace rally at the birth site of Malcolm X.

The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation, which was founded in 1970 by a black woman named Rowena Moore, is a community organization committed to preserving the legacy of Malcolm X.

Along side the Black Agenda Alliance, the community gathering was set for Sunday May 31st to address the communities response. Tragically, moments leading up to the peace rally the need for peace took on another significance. The murder of James Scurlock at the hands of white business owner Jake Gardner, brought a more pressing need for peaceful assembly and sincere reflection. Starting at 4pm community members of all race, creed, color and background began to trickle in to the multi-acre preserve.

By the start of the event, the attendance had reached into the thousands. As the rally proceeded hundreds more flowed in. Cellphones recorded and makeshift signs of peace quotes were raised as speakers moved the crowd with calls for peace and plans of action. The keynote speaker, Leo Louis held an introspective conversation with the audience. “You can’t claim black lives matter if you don’t learn about black people”, he said as he urged all protestors to first educate their selves on what the issues are. After an hour and a half, the multitude of attendees were given the charge to protest responsibly. (and go home immediately because of the 8pm citywide curfew). While we don’t know when the unrest will end, we can know that on May 31, 2020 change was at the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation

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