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Soothing At The Midnight Hour

Updated: May 20, 2020

Sam Trump creates healing sound waves every midnight in May, by simply doing what he loves.

Sam is an internationally recognized singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and curator based out of Chicago. The Midnight Hour features tunes that are grown from scratch. It is entertaining to watch, as well as soothing to the soul. Sam finds unique melodies and lets the sound simmer. His virtual audiences tune in and engage with him throughout the process.

Sophisticated Soul.

Wanting, "to be of service, create a vibe, and make people feel loved”, are among the inspirations Sam listed for The Midnight Hour. In what he described as wanting to “respond boldly to the times”, Sam Trump takes listeners into his creative reservoir of sophisticated soulful sounds. The Midnight Hour provides a soothing presence that we all knew we needed. Tune in to the nightly broadcast live on Facebook every night in May at 12:00 am Central time.

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