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'Take Care', For Real This Time

Take Care

In 2011 rap performer Drake released a Grammy award winning album. 'Take Care', the simple phrase that we tell loved ones as we go our separate ways, was the title of a 20 track instant classic. These two words have never held as much weight as they do in April 2020. Many of us are concerned about the health of ourselves and our loved ones. We all knew 2020 would bring us something different, but change has come from an unexpected angle. Are you still working towards those New Years resolutions?


The old saying goes, 90% of people will believe something more if you attach a statistic to it. While this saying is made up, it doesn’t change that fact that headlines only tell half of the story. Many of us watch CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News in disbelief of the death toll from the virus of 2020. The headlines like “Coronavirus death toll tops 13,000” standing alone don’t speak to the hundreds of thousands of loved ones that are mourning right now.

How has the constant news cycle impacted you?

HYFR (Have You Felt Resourceful?)

These times have brought about some difficult circumstances. Businesses that involve social gatherings have been closed for weeks now. With their re-opening in limbo, resourcefulness has become a hot commodity. Musicians live stream concerts, friends live stream happy hours, and parents have transformed into classroom teachers. Resourceful minds have resorted to creativity as means to stave off cabin fever and boredom. Have you used resourcefulness during this time?

The Ride

Drake said he hates when people said they “feel him”. While his justification for feeling this way is valid, these days we can all relate to how the virus of 2020 has impacted our lives. 2020 has been a roller coaster ride with twists and turns nobody saw coming. In the midst of it all, don’t forget to get your roller coaster photo. Check in with yourself and loved ones. We’ll be fine.

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