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The Creative Spirit Continues...

Lights, Camera, Live Stream.

It’s Tuesday March 31st, 2020 and singer/songwriter ‘3gypt’ is about to perform selections from her new album ‘Phoenix Rizing’. This isn’t her first show. In fact, she’s traveled internationally to share her gift. The unique thing about this performance is the audience members are primarily made of live stream viewers. The limits on social gathering have created new challenges for artists to share their gifts with audiences.

Culxr For Creativity

The Culxr (culture) House graciously hosted 3gypt's performance as they too are finding their footing as a venue in these unique circumstances. Culxr House owner Marcey Yates was recently interviewed by KETV 7 News. In the story he explained how his organization planned to utilize creativity to remain connected with the community. Artists Andrew Baile, Aly Peeler, and David Hawkins host a Saturday concert series via live stream. They share their gifts and talents, while generating revenue, a large portion of which goes to assist individuals in need. The creative culture is alive in Omaha.

Creativity From a Distance

Live DJ mix shows have emerged as fan favorites across social media. Exclusive performances from celebrity musicians activate audiences around the world. In the face of social distancing and self quarantining the creative spirit has continued. Resiliently, artists find a way to connect with their audiences. While we have minimized our physical interactions, it seems creativity has provided an avenue for continued connection. Enjoy music from Marcey Yates, Andrew Baile, 3gypt, and other artists out of Omaha by following the link to our playlist "Quarantined in Omaha".

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