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What's The Play?

 The cornhusker state is painted red every Saturday in the fall as the Nebraska Football team dominates the schedules of fans near and far. A sports program steeped in tradition, they developed a culture built on hard work everyday in practice, in order to obtain and remain successful. While fans show up to cheer the “Big Red” on, they often aren’t present  when the team is conducting practice where they refine their skillsets. Strategy and scheme are paramount to the success of the team. This principle is also applicable to static protests that have exploded all over this nation.

On Saturday May 30, 2020 a Lincoln based protest was thrown by a group of allies, in light of recent police and citizen involved violence against black men, women, and other people of color. What was called a peaceful protest evolved into violence (escalation begins at 1 hr and 3 min) as the police and crowd took turns agitating one another. In the midst of the mounting chaos a young woman was struck by a car. Her injuries thankfully turned out to be non life threatening. As incidents like these occur it begs the question, why are the intended peaceful protests turning into anything but peace? Is the answer is lack of strategy command? Scheme? What about education? When the Cornhuskers spend 3 quarters of the football game on the cusp of taking the lead, only to be physically dominated in the 4th quarter, strategy and scheme are called into question.

photo from Lincoln Journal Star
photo from Lincoln Journal Star

Likewise, when protests labeled peaceful fall into a chaotic episode it begs the question why? As has been reported, catalysts are attending rally’s, protests, and demonstrations with intent to disrupt the peace. Lack of organization and planning has made these agents appear successful in their attempts to incite violence. Moving into the 3rd week of outrage and response to the injustices it is incumbent that organizers develop real strategy to deal with pending threats to peace. We all know what happens in Nebraska when the head ball coach can’t finish the game. Termination.

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